Five Nights at Freddy's AR



A very Special (Delivery) thank you to you all!

Hello all, this post is one we make with both full and heavy hearts after much consideration. Our team knows that it has been quite some time since we’ve posted, and we wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you, bring you all up to speed on FNAF AR as it draws to a close, and to also say goodbye for the time being 👋😢


  • We’ll be keeping the game online for the next 6 weeks for folks to enjoy, but will be sunsetting FNAF AR.
  • After tomorrow, February 2nd, 2024, FNAF AR: Special Delivery will no longer be available to download on the Apple or Google Play app stores.
  • We have massively increased rewards to allow you to experience everything you can in the final weeks before the servers shut down. We’ve also reduced prices, converted the Dark Circus DLC to a Faz-Coin purchase, and given access to every lure we’ve ever released so you can invite all your favorites over to play ‘til the very end!
  • On March 14th, 2024, the game’s servers will be shut down and FNAF AR will be officially offline.


It has been such an unbelievably wild ride with this passionate, clever, and fun community. We’ve never been a huge studio, but we’ve always been huge fans of FNAF and of course, you all.

Having the opportunity to create Special Delivery really has been a wonderful experience for our team. Being able to combine our know-how and passion for augmented reality with our love for FNAF has simply been an incredible adventure. FNAF AR has gone on a journey that we could have never predicted when we first launched the game. Special Delivery brought us many moments to treasure, from our tricky first posts on this very subreddit, to the game’s launch, to people throwing their phones away in fear of charging animatronics (we’ve been assured that no phones were harmed in the process), to its becoming Apple’s Game of the Day, to millions of animatronics battled, and so much more.

But what we’ve always had the most fun doing is trying to figure out how to delight you all.

We loved creating puzzles and clues ahead of each new release for this community, and it was always exciting to see how you all would react to each update.

It’s been a privilege to craft AR experiences around each and every animatronic in Special Delivery, and we’ve enjoyed being able to bring them to life in so many ways with all the skins and events that we’ve dreamed up over the years. Letting us deliver these animatronics to you has been special indeed.


We wanted to make sure to give a great big thank you to those folks who have made Special Delivery what it is.

  • First, an enormous (and infinite) thank you to Scott for creating the incredible world of FNAF and for partnering with us on FNAF AR to make a game that has been truly groundbreaking in so many ways.
  • A huge thank you to the mods past and present of the FNAF subreddit, for making the community a great place to be–we can’t sufficiently express how grateful we are for the time you all take to ensure that the subreddit continues to be excellent, we know it’s a labor of love!
  • FNAF content creators, you have never stopped inspiring with all that you make, and we deeply admire your energy and imagination 💕
  • And of course, once again we need to give the biggest thank you to those who took the time to play our game, to this community, and the wider FNAF fan base at large. We hope we brought you moments of delight with Special Delivery.

It’s goodbye for now, but we hope to create something for you all again in the future. The fun fun fun never stops and neither does this fan base. While this is a sad day for us, we’re beyond excited for all the things happening in the wider world of FNAF.

As always, much love from our team here at Illumix 💙

Five Nights at Freddy's - AR