Five Nights at Freddy's AR



Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery is Finally Here!

It's been a long road filled with crazy concepts, constant collaboration, and many sleepness nights, but all of us here at Illumix are so excited to have reached this point. We have officially launched Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery. All of the hard work has finally culminated in that dreaded doorbell ring. And we are all signed up for that Eternal Package.

We've come so far since we pushed that initial launch trailer. From the moment that first text popped up saying "Hello" we knew were switching to high gear. All of our fans have been amazing every step of the way. The excitement that began to exude from the fanbase was exhilarating. You were questioning if the video was even real, and we were struggling to believe it ourselves.

And then things did indeed get interesting. We were hard at work testing the game, tweaking gameplay, and adjusting all the little features. From our talented game designers, incredible art team, awe-inspiring sound designers, to the amazing engineers who brought everything to life, and all of our support staff, we were almost there. As Early Access began to dawn upon us, we were pushing ourselves harder than ever. If only you could have seen all of us in the office, constantly refreshing our devices and checking to see if we were in the app store - just waiting to press the button to open the gates to our fans. It was a waiting game, and a few brave souls stayed up through the night here in the office.

The morning of was a mad rush as we began opening the gates to early access, but we were all incredibly excited when the first users came in and we started getting our first pieces of feedback. Everything that we had worked towards had just become a reality. When Monday hit, our team--who had worked relentlessly through weekend--pushed our first fix. We were officially LAUNCHED. This is a great milestone for all of us, but we are dedicated to continuing to work on the game to improve its current features as well as develop more content so that we can truly deliver you a lifetime of fun fun fun!

From all of us here at Illumix, we look forward to beginning this journey with all of our fans!

Five Nights at Freddy's - AR