Five Nights at Freddy's AR



[2019.11.30] Holiday Update and Additional Bug Fixes!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

We hope folks have had a chance to recover from Turkey Comas (if you were in the US) and had a chance to participate in our FIRST EVER event! We're still not 100% streamlined with events so we're still taking a look at numbers and plan to deliver prizes sometime this week. We'll be shooting for earlier rather than later, but be patient with us - it is our first one. We DO have the results though, and plan to share them on Monday! In addition, we'd still love to hear from you on what sorts of events and prizes could be fun and if you were to change anything about this one what it would be. Your feedback is important to us because we are making this game for you.

That being said, we've been listening to other pieces of feedback and wanted to give updates on various bug situations. We've heard that folks really want to know some of what we ARE working on - not just what we fixed! And in some cases, the known workaround.

What we fixed:

  • We identified another major issue that kept animatronics from spawning and pushed a hotfix for it. This will NOT require a download, just a restart of your game. There are a few more that we think exist that we're still trying to assess the root causes of.

Known issues we're working on (be patient, some of these require larger updates in order to go live):

  • Inability to repair in workshop
  • Resources missing or taking a while to populate into accounts
  • Inability to turn off the Radio Jammer
  • Missing controls during the tutorial when set to a language other than English
    • You can change your game's language settings temporarily in order to get past this issue. You can do that by going to your phone's settings, finding the game, and changing the language (again, from the phone settings), and then going back into the game.
  • 100% Endless Loading Screen
    • Be sure that your phone is not in Battery Saver mode and it will always help to be on Wi-Fi versus data.

Again, you guys are the best fans we could have ever hoped for and we're still working on more content and updates, fixing everything listed above (and anything else you find!) and we hope everyone has an amazing weekend. Feel free to leave any comments you like, keep enjoying the game, and from all of us here at Illumix - you'll never be alone again.

Five Nights at Freddy's - AR