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[2019.12.21] 'Tis the Season for a Special Holiday Delivery

Can you believe that the holidays are almost upon us? And we can’t imagine a better set of people to spend this holiday season with. Since it is a season of giving, we’ve got New Content and Updates for all of you!

  • As many of you have already guessed, there’s a new animatronic in town. Be sure to log in to say hello!
  • You have the opportunity to get gifts and goodies every few hours, so don’t miss out on all the goodies we have in store for you!
  • You may notice there’s a little more seasonal cheer - a chill upon the map, you might say.

An update that we know everyone has been waiting for is that we have fixed the majority of the issues plaguing the workshop! You should be able to repair animatronics, build them, and of course - send them to your friends!

Some smaller updates include:

  • You are now able to rotate your animatronics within the Workshop!
  • Your personal animatronics can now benefit from up to 100,000 Remnant.
  • Remnant spawns have been adjusted to assist with clarity. We hope that it will be easier to determine which Remnant is more valuable! Overall, you should find yourself experiencing more Remnant each session.
  • Animatronic repair costs have been significantly reduced so that you should almost always see at least a little bit of Parts profit by sending animatronics out, even if you are not defeating animatronics in camera mode.
    • While not 100% brand new, we do hope this means you’ll have more available to you to try out some of the new devices that are in the store that are purchasable using those Parts!

We look forward to delivering you more updates and surprises this Holiday season as the fun fun fun has only JUST begun!

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Illumix!

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