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[2020.02.06] Toy Freddy is Here! A Special Delivery for Those We Love!

This is the time of year where we’re surrounded by pink, white, and red. It’s when secret admirers come out of hiding and we discover which presents our loved ones like most. But we know better than to give chocolate and flowers; A toy bear is our favorite way to show you exactly how special you are to us.

So enjoy this year’s Valentine’s event - a little gift from us to you - Toy Freddy has been delivered!

There’s more that we’ve done to express our feels than just an animatronic though…

  • You may have noticed that another animatronic has joined the list of those that spawn on the map…
  • We’ve heard our fans and we’ve implemented a new way to earn Faz-Coins!
  • While not 100% fixed, we’ve made progress towards bugs causing undelivered rewards that have been clogging up our support tickets.
  • The present is back! Discover a broader range of goodies during this holiday event.

We know that we haven’t moved as quickly as you, our fans, may like. But we are still hard at work to get more features (not just animatronics) ready for you all! Your support and encouragement means the world to us and we hope to hear feedback on these latest updates. Keep being amazing, keep up your dedication, keep caring about FNAF, and we will do our best to live up to those same standards!

So...Will you be our Valentine...forever?

Five Nights at Freddy's - AR