Five Nights at Freddy's AR



[2020.03.05] Are You Ready to Play Take-Apart-and-Put-Back-Together?

We hope everyone enjoyed our Valentine’s event and felt the love from all of us here at Illumix. We loved seeing the reactions to all of the art and design that went into making that event a reality. You guys truly are amazing to create content for!

Here’s what you can expect in our latest update!

  • New Daily Challenges - we hope you’re as excited about this as we are!
  • New Push-Notification functionality (for turning on).
  • You can buy devices straight from the Device Screen.
  • Remnant acquired through the Gift Box now count towards Remnant Milestones.
  • Salvage rewards are now batched together, so if you have multiple animatronics salvaging, you will only get one message per salvaging period with their combined discoveries
  • And best of all - a new event started today at 4pm PST. You ready?

We’ve also been working on bugs which are harder to update you on as this is an ongoing thing in our day-to-day work as well. But some highlights:

  • We’re still addressing errors from the workshop (broken animatronics still salvaging, etc).
  • Fixed more ‘Out of Order’ issues.
  • Addressing Balloon Boy’s stalking time.
  • Addressing higher-than-normal Crash Rates on some devices.

Enjoy the new features and the new friend and be sure to let us know what you think! We’re going to keep working to move forward and create an amazing game and experience for all of our fans.


Five Nights at Freddy's - AR